The island of Thrax is a mountainous and harshly rocky region of dull grey mountains. The granite mountains were settled in the late First Age by Gargoyles who found the rocky terrain similar to their own planet of origin. The Gargoyles still live there in the Second Age, scattered among several small cliff-side villages from which they can conveniently glide off any ledge and catch an updraft which will carry them almost anywhere on the island. Gargoylean shepards herd goats and protect their herds from wild wyverns as they can. Their hatchlings are taught from a young age to avoid wyverns as human children are taught to not play with bees. The mountains are volcanically active as it evidenced by the many hot springs and geysers found there.

The island is well known for its natural resources including rich veins of copper, tin, lead, pewter, and mercury. These rocks, however, lack more valuable minerals like precious metals and gems.

Settled towards the beginning of the Second Age, the city-state of Thrax is dependent upon both two sea-themed industries, fishing and slave-trade. The city, alongside a large cove on the island’s southern side, has a large town square in which slave trader is practiced both at both day and night. The city’s government is officially agnostic, so the city is home to dozens of small temples and chapels which are dedicated to the worship of various Good Earth and Dark Earth deities.

Population: 2500 (urban); 3750 (metro) Human: 51% Demonians: 20% Gargoyles: 15% Others: 14%


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