The name Krystallmyst, rooted in the High Starin tongue, results from a unique optimagickal effect: flashes of polychromatic light spontaneously arise within the forest, like a play of magickal St. Elmo’s Fire, and these ebb and flow in frequency according to the current state of the Good Earth. While it is uncommon for those without the gift of Magick Sense to sense these emanations, it is not entirely unheard of, especially during times of extreme change, such as the close of an Age. This vast region encompasses both the Krystallmyst Forest and the Krystallmyst Mountains, covering approximately 1,000,000 sq. miles in its entirety.

Krystallmyst Mountain Range a.k.a. The Dragon’s Spine

Perhaps the most strikingly magnificent mountain range on the planet, the Krystallmyst Mountains run the entire length of the Dragon Peninsula. The mountains sparkle in the light of both night and day, reflecting from their crystalline (or “krystalline” if you’re Starin) peaks an awesome rainbow hue that fills the sky with a startling presence. Those who have been foolish enough to dare to exploit the mountains for their crystals have inevitably come to words with the many subterranean races who dwell beneath the mountains. The Khazaks and Khobolds are the only folk who refer to the Krystallmyst Mountains as the Khojor Mountains, to honor the ancient First Age Khazak Soulforger, Khojor. According to their legends, Khojor caused Mt. Eleriel, or Mt. Khojor as it is known to them, and the remainder of the entire Krystallmyst range to arise from the ancient primeval forest with but a single blow of his divine hammer, Destiny-Forger. Naturally, the Starin contest this creation myth, as their own legends state, quite explicitly, that Khojor created only Mt. Eleriel (“Eleriel” being the Starin epithet for Khojor) with his divine forge-hammer. Unfortunately, the truth lies in neither myth. While it is perhaps possible that Khojor at one time made his home in Krystallmyst, perhaps even within the great peak itself, the Sidhe, whose collective memories antedate all others’, state unequivocally that both the great peak as well as the entire range stood long before the First Age and its mythical champions even existed, and that none other than Namo himself was their creator.

Greatest Height: 33,333 feet (Mt. Eleriel/Mt. Khojor)


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