Senzar: Remnant

8th Session

The Courts of Arcturus

Age: The Second Age
Month: Knightfall
Week: Communion
Day: Starsday (last day of the month)

The PCs, now called the Paladins of the Dragon Peninsula, gathered together outside the gates of the great city Arcturus. A refugee camp at the walls showed how desperate life was beginning to get for the common people who were swept up in the great evacuation.

Within this camp, the Samantha was invited to a clandestine meeting with Father Hardstone from the Keep and an Starin Ranger known to Gor-sul. These NPCs informed her of a possible second exit strategy for leaving the continent should someone be cut off from the evacuation flotilla. This route called the Back Door is actually an entrance to an underground Khazak kingdom which has been magically sealed since the 1st Age. The spell will only open for a member of the Khazak Royal family by blood confirmation. Fr. Hardstone speculated that the door could be opened with a sample of actual blood from an ancestor, and he knew of where such a sample could be obtained. The ranger told Gor-sul of the location of the sealed door in the Krystal Myst Mountains.

This blood sample was stored inside of a vampire weapon in the private collection of the queen of Arcturus. The Paladins entered the city and began plotting a scheme to rob the queen. As Arcturus was a city where astrology was valued, Luna used her status as an Astromancer to gain entry to the queen’s palace for scouting. Elli made contact with the local thieves guild for additional intel.

On the night of the break-in, Silisarris used his spellsinger magic to mesmorize the guards at the palace’s entrance. The others infiltrated easily. Garanthandros found the queen in her throne room. He charmed her.

At this point, I had the players make a series of rolls to determine what random items were in the queen’s collection of magic items. They rolled very, very well. Their haul included three artifacts and many lesser magic items. Three artifacts: one vampiric great axe of Khazak forging, one vampiric sword of Demonian forging, and the staff of the overlord of Zengara. The Paladins ended up running away from the guards, but they had the queen traveling with them. They evacuated onto Garanthandros’ yacht and sailed into the night.


ScottGastineau ScottGastineau

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