The City of Tornharm

Population: 50,000
Human: 75%, Tauran: 10%, Khobold: 10%, Others: 5%


Tornharm, a city-state on the northern shore of the Dragon Peninsula, is also called the Gateway to the West. It serves as the far-western “sister city” to Zengara, and serves as the westernmost city-state in allegiance. Tornharm is much akin to Zengara, its big sister, sharing many of the same customs, laws, and governmental hierarchy.

There are differences between the two city-states. Unlike Zengara, however, Tornharm claims no Overlord. Instead, the ruler of Tornharm is descended from tribal leaders in the First Age. This royal family includes both Humans and Tauran members. Like Zengara, Tornharm is a merchant’s paradise, though on a somewhat smaller scale. Being the last major city before vast regions of mountains and deserts in the continent, Tornharm receives much of the far-western goods that are bound for the more populous Dragon Peninsula and Krystallmyst area. Another difference is the significant minority population of Taurans who have settled there from the wilderness of the interior continent.

The Palace Royale dominates the center of the city. A massive keep surrounds the palace itself, and the highest lords and members of the royal family reside therein. The Queen’s Tower, under construction for generations and still not complete, is the tallest structure in the city and perhaps on the Dragon’s Peninusula.

Princesses’ Library
In the shadow of the Queen’s Tower, the Princesses’ Library is open at all hours. This large library is neither the largest nor the most valuable in the city-states, but unlike the libraries in Zengara and Rotath which are reserved for students, the Princesses’ Library is open to the public. This openness of course, is dependent members of the public paying an annual fee for access.

Sentinel Tower
Tornharm’s deceptively treacherous harbor is guarded by the Sentinel Tower, a gigantic lighthouse which is guilt in copper. The Sentinel Tower also holds a unique defensive system, the famous Shatterhorn. A shatterhorn is a musical instrument, carved from a dragon horn, which has been enchanted to crack and break fragile equipment. The Shatterhorn of Tornharm’s Sentinel Tower is an oversized horn harvested from a Great Wyrm and capable of projecting its magickal noise across the bay and into the open ocean so that it would damage any attacking navy.

Eldritch Temple
The third largest structure inside of the city walls is the Eldritch Temple. This simple but sturdy clay building is the oldest standing structure in the city and dates back to the First Age. Originally dedicated to a god which is forgotten now in the Second Age, it was refurbished and rededicated in the early Second Age to Anu, the Tauran lord of Heaven. Because Tornharm is a multi-denominational society, the temple is now divided into many chapels for different gods. Worship of any deity aligned with the Dragon (or the Great Spirit or the Good Earth as it is known to others) is permitted. This includes chapels for Anu (Tauran), Namo (the supreme god of magick and creator of Senzar, still popular among Khobolds), Poseidonus (Te’el), Sluuthgar (Sauran), Blak (Goblin), and the Grim Grey Gods (Khazak).


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