Experience is awarded in two basic forms in this campaign, Experience Points and Fate Points.

Experience Points are rewarded for doing all of the expected things like surviving dangers, discovering secrets, and defeating enemies. It should be noted that the system rewards “defeating” enemies, not necessarily killing them. I have developed a spreadsheet to aid in counting and compiling earned XP. What follows is a full list of the tasks which generate XP.

Defeat opponent or monster
Solve riddles, tricks, & traps
Perfect roll
Solving a minor problem
Solving a deadly problem
Great discovery
Failing at a task
Training: self-taught
Training: instructed

Fate Points are awarded for setting and achieving goals. Fate favors the ambitious. Fate Points are more rare than XP, but they are also more useful because they may be spent to manipulate rules such as rerolling any personal die roll. Fate Points are also spent during experience level increases to increase attributes and gain some special powers. What follows is a list of tasks which generate Fate Points.

Setting minor goals and completing them
Setting a major personal goal (including a life goal) and working towards its achievement
Progress towards completing a quest
Complete a quest
Defeating an opponent
Inventing or creating something new which dramatically affects the PC or campaign

updated August 26th, 2015

Luna 39640 XP, 18 FP
Elli 48220 XP, 8 FP
Samantha 25070 XP, 6 FP
Thael’has 41650 XP, 3 FP
Silissaris 46065 XP, 5 FP
Gor-sul 16725 XP, 2 FP
Garanthandros 46300 XP, 8 FP


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