The city of Errbor

Population: Formerly 5,400 but is is unknown how many if any of these residents survived a successful Silestian siege


The coast city-state of Errbor is a vassal-state of Mordaga, paying a flat 10% of all its income to enjoy the protection of the Mordagan Free Alliance. Errbor serves as both a port of trade and an overland trade nexus. As such, the city is rife with merchants, traders, and businessmen, including a small yet potent Mordagan contingent of “enforcers” who see to it that the merchants of Errbor pay their proper tribute. The governor of Errbor is appointed by the prince of Mordaga, and his position is good for life — so long as it lasts.

Gor-sul visited this great city with his Gargoylean clan-mates, Gary and David. They witnessed the siege by a large army and navy of Silestian and Solarr elves. During this time, they also witnessed the end of the siege when a gate of the Errbor wall opened and the population came out to surrender. A Silestian officer explained that his military did not have the supplies to feed so many prisoners of war, so the prisoners were being “lead into the Hall of Lord Warhawk” which in this case meant that they were force-marched into sea and drowned.


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