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  • 6th Session

    Age: The Second Age Month: Still Week: Communion Day: Starsday (last day of the month) This session's theme music is Inn of the Weeping Sparrow by Midnight Syndicate


    h3. *The Planet of Senzar* _*Continent of Vhannok* Subcontinent of the Dragon's Peninsula_ [[File:358475 | class=media-item-align-none | Senzar_Dragon_Peninsula.jpg]] [[Krystallmyst | Krystalmist]] a.k.a. The Dragon's Spine [[Plains of Lotarr | …

  • Krystallmyst

    [[File:358470 | class=media-item-align-none | krystall2.jpg]] The name Krystallmyst, rooted in the High Starin tongue, results from a unique optimagickal effect: flashes of polychromatic light spontaneously arise within the forest, like a play of …

  • Plains of Lotarr

    Fertile plains that fringe both the northern and southern sides of the Krystallmyst Mountains, the Plains of Lotarr and the Plains of Notarr are named to honor the two ancient Starin brothers who taught the free peoples of the early First Age to harvest …