Red Brown

Tauran Outlander


“We have learned respect for Master Red, because he earned respect in the ring. You cannot out-think his strategy, because he has no strategy. You cannot defeat his technique because he has no technique. When he chooses his target, he simply strikes with all of the speed and finality of woodman’s axe.” — Master Nightwhisper of the Black Wyrm Training School in Mar

Red is a longterm servant of Lady Teapot who immigrated with her to the world of Senzar. Since that time, he has been appointed as a paladin and charged with preserving a saving remnant before the evacuation from Zengara. He has chosen to collect seeds from the vegetables, fruits, and other useful plants of the Dragon Peninsula. He currently resides in the city of Mar with three Human children: Blue (named after Red’s father), Violet (named after Red’s mother), and Adrean (named after Red’s first student).


Red Brown

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