Senzar: Remnant

Third Session

The Village of Fishbreath

Age: The Second Age
Month: Harvestfest
Week: Departure
Day: Starsday

The paladins took several days crossing the rolling hills of the Plains on their way to the city of Mar. After nearly a week on the road, they came to a small fishing village on the northern coast where their horses absolutely needed some rest, water, and fresh oats.

The fishing village was Fishbreath, a odorous ghetto of Goblins who were not allowed to live in the nearby city. The recent tremor suggested They introduced themselves to a goblin priestess who oversaw a small agnostic temple there. The paladins found different places to settle down.

During the night, a thick fog rolled into from sea. While Luna and Elli were still awake (drinking), the noticed a magick component to the fog bank. When they were outside investigating, they were the first to witness a small but sophisticated raid being performed against the village.

Two Akir raiders — half-breeds of the larger Jotun Giants — were entering the community using the cover of fog and a spell called Stealth of the Wolf. The raiders had utilized multiple distractions; they set fire to some of the damaged houses and also used a summoned giant crab which attacked Goblin villagers.

The ranger, who was sleeping in the water, awoke immediately at the sound of screaming. The others in the temple roused quickly afterward. The Akir raiders were seen carrying captive goblins into their landing boat. The paladins surrounded and fought the two raiders to the death with the aid of the Goblin priestess. Thael’has the mystic managed to dodge evade serious damage by escaping into the Shadow Sphere momentarily, and while there, he observed the soul of a killed goblin pulled from the Prime. Silisarrus the spellsinger was injured by a wicked slice of a raider’s sword, but next he used his talisman ability to gather and refocus magic energy to destroy the raider’s boat (along with destroying the captives). Garanthandros the ranger pursued the last surviving raider into the sea and skewered the invader to death.

Immediately after the death of the two raiders, Silisarrus observed a huge fleet of raiders farther out to sea and obscured by the fog. The huge fleet traveled east parallel to the coast. Silisarrus called for the paladins to leave the village immediately. This announcement was echoed by the priestess calling to entirely evacuate the village. A full panic occurred, including an attempted robbery of the paladin’s horses which was foiled by Garanthandros’ fleet feet.

The paladins quickly returned to the road and left the village behind them in the darkness of the night. By sunrise, they reached the walls of the city of Mar. In the morning light, they recognized and were reunited with Samantha the assassin.

At the gate, a guard told the group that the Kalamari, Thael’has the mystic, was not welcome. The group mentioned that they were paladins, and the guard recognized this title. He directed them towards the “house of the paladin” inside the city. At that house, they met a Tuaran named Red Brown who was on his own saving remnant quest to secure samples of seeds from all parts of the Dragon’s Peninsula. Elli the thief took credit for all that the group had accomplished and some what they did not. Red fed the group and agreed to show them the way to their contact in the city, Baron Black.

Luna the astromancer had used her runecaster ability to instantly learn nine new spells which she had observed during the adventure.


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