Senzar: Remnant

Second Session

A Legacy of Sneak Attacks

On Tuesday, we played another short session, about two hours long. The Drakan Assassin named Samantha Fatalstrike was the only player-character involved, and I handed out NPCs for the rest of the players to roleplay. These character sheets were distributed randomly.

terminology: Drakans are winged lizard-people who live in the mountain ranges of Senzar. Starin are a race of elves who are found everywhere and roughly equivalent to wood elves in other fantasy settings. Goblins are big, tusk-toothed, and smelly.

The NPCs distributed were: Susan (Drakan Warrior), Zander (Drakan 1st level nothing), Master (Starin 10th level Assassin), the Goblin tribe leader (3rd level Witch), the Goblin fighter (1st level warrior), and the pet Venom Squirrel (monster with a Kill Factor of 2)

Samantha, recently knighted as a Paladin of the Kingdom of Tarot, chose her own family as the thing she would preserve during the evacuation of the Dragon’s Peninsula. She flew to her family’s home in the Krystallmyst Mountains in order to lead her family to the evacuation site. She was received by her personal servant (now a squire) and her mother, both Dracans. The player who controlled the mother-character was the real life daughter of Samantha’s player, and the mother’s player seemed to enjoy the role-reversal. Shortly after Samantha’s arrival, her mentor who had taught her the skills of an assassin, arrived. This mentor was an elderly Starin.

While they were arguing about whether or not to leave their homestead, Zander the squire found Samantha’s handmaiden dead outside. The handmaiden had died from a disease of some type, but none of the characters made a successful skill roll needed to identify it. The cause of death was actually the witch’s black curse spell. Searching for more victims, Zander also found that the family’s chickens had been killed by some sort of animal attack. This cause of death was correctly identified as the bite of a venom squirrel.

As the family was packing, a tribe of Goblins attacked the family estate. They broke through the front door and immediately smashed a statue of Samantha’s late father. The Witch and the Venom Squirrel followed the rush of a dozen Goblin Warriors into the manor’s entry hall.

The Drakans and the Starin sprang into action. Samantha attacked first by dropping from a balcony and nearly killing one of the Goblins with her katana. Zander followed immediately behind her, clawing at a second Goblin. The Master used a combination of two martial arts techniques, Spider-Climb and Silent Strike, to kill a third Goblin with a garrote. Susan, the mother, charged into combat swinging her heirloom weapon, a heavy mace called a Drakan Fyst, at the Goblin who had smashed the statue.

Another round of combat later, two more Goblin Warriors were killed. The Venom Squirrel’s biting attack against Samantha was rebuffed by a lucky roll to parry which swatted the rodent away. The Master was quick enough to prep a dagger with dragon’s blood poison and stab the Goblin Witch with it. The Witch still had a few hit points left from the stab, but not nearly enough to survive the poison. I ruled that the poison would inflict its damage at the end of the round.

The Witch used his last breath to cast a black curse (the same spell which had killed the handmaiden) and drew upon the power points of the remaining Goblins to boost the area of effect. Witchcraft spells in Senzar 2nd edition do get a saving throw, and that is the primary advantage of the witches. Every character within the hall collapsed from crippling muscle pains, nausea, and painful black skin sores. Samantha survived only by spending a Fate Point to half the damage she received. Susan (mother of Samantha) and the Master survived simply by having adequate hit points to loose. All of the remaining Goblins, Zander, and the Venom Squirrel were killed by the black curse hex.

In the aftermath, the Master treated the survivors as best as he could using his Healing Arts Skill. He also found a sheepskin scroll written in the Sidhe language and the Witch’s handwriting, which explained how the tribe were refugees who had been displaced by an invading army of golden-skinned elves and had fled into the mountains. The remaining three characters decided to put the Master on a donkey, gather a larger group of travelers from a nearby village, and walk out of the mountains together.

Samantha Fatalstrike achieved second level and was awarded a new Fate Point for achieving her quest goal of evacuating her saving remnant. A lesser amount of experience was awarded the other players and applied to their PCs.


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