Senzar: Remnant

Fourth Session

Gargoyles in the Mist

This session was problematic in a very meta-gaming way. Within an hour of starting, we lost two players as one became sick and another simply fell asleep. The remaining players struggled to accomplish anything, but infighting and dice rolls hampered them. Also, the recording of the session was lost while the file was being saved.

Age: The Second Age
Month: Harvestfest
Week: Reunion
Day: Firesday

Gor-sul, the freshly knighted paladin, had spent nearly a week flying towards his home on the remote island of Thrax. When he returned to his village, he was greeted by many Gargoylean hatchlings and the village elder, a matron named Nana-sul, and the other adults of the clan. Not all of the adults were pleased to see him nor impressed by his title.

Gor-sul attempted to persuade his kin to follow him to Zengara for the great evacuation. He was challenged by a young rival in the form of a Gargoylean Warrior named Gary. Gary, being a recent convert to Silestian faith of the Phoenix Pantheon, bickered. Gary’s strategy was remain where they were and join forces with the invading Silestians. In order to settle the matter, Nana-sul declared that the Great Spirit would decide and gave all of the young warriors a quest. An outbreak of foot rot was running rampant in the village, so whomever could bring a certain healer to the village would decide the fate of the clan.

The healer was known only as the Hag of the Cavern, a mysterious figure who had lived near the village for nearly two hundred years. All of the young warriors went together to fetch the priestess. Gor-sul entered the cavern first and encountered a guardian monster, a Shrieking Shroom. This particular monster ambushes its victims when it detects the presence of magick, but since none was active, the Gargoyles were able to simply walk past it without harm. Deeper into the cavern, they found the home of an Arachnoid-Woman. The spider-like character was recognized by their furnishings as a priestess of Cthon who was actively practicing the Dark Earth faith. After some negotiation, the priestess agreed to heal the village for the price of Gor-sul’s magick wooden chest and all of his silver coins.

During the return to the village, an argument inadvertently triggered an obsession in another warrior, David.. The warrior acted rashly and struck out at Gor-sul. All of the Gargoylean warriors began fighting, more with words than claws, but fighting. As Gary and Gor-sul’s fight became the most heated, David lead the priestess to the village. As David was the first to complete her quest, Nana-sul recognized David as the individual who would decide the fate of the clan.

David was not convinced by either Gor-sul’s plan nor Gary’s plan. The Gargoyles decided to travel to the meet the military leaders of both sides. Gary lead David and Gor-sul east on a flight towards the front of the Silestian Invasion.

The two day flight was not uneventful. The three Gargoyles encountered first a freak weather phenomenon in the form of a spatial disburance that pulled them into the Shadow Sphere for a few seconds. Then they encountered an Azaar spy who attacked them from a range but soon disengaged. They faced very little actual danger on their mission.

When they arrived at the walls of the city of Errbor, they found it under siege by a large and organized army of Shy’r Warriors backed by a war fleet in the nearby water. The Gargoyles were greeted by Silestian and Solarr officers. As Gary translated, the officers granted safety to the Gargoyle clan so long as all members converted to the Phoenix Pantheon. The general even offered Gary a command of his own squad.

The Gargoyles were outside discussing these developments when the gates to Errbor opened and the populace exited. A Silestian soldier explained that the city had surrendered and agreed to convert. The invaders, however, did not have supplies adequate for so many prisoners, so the residents were marched into the sea as a form of mass execution. Gor-sul was infuriated by what they were witnessing and left immediately.

Gor-sul returned to the village first and began organizing move to join the evacuation. He was joined by his mentor, a retired Gargoylean Warrior who lived alone. Gary and David returned to see the village packing for a move. The same argument erupted again. Nana-sul advised David to continue to mission by meeting the humans at Zengara, and Gary was asked to return to the Silestians where he could possibly act in the clan’s interest from inside the invaders’ military. Gor-sul offered to lead David there.


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