Senzar: Remnant

Fifth Session

The Living City and The Dead City

This session’s theme music is Black Wood by Midnight Syndicate:

Age: The Second Age
Month: last week of Harvestfest through the first week of Still
Weeks: Courtship through Communion
Day: all

The PCs spent a couple of weeks of downtime in the city of Mar. While there, Samantha made contacts with the master of the city’s largest Black Wyrm training facility where she learned new martial arts techniques to aid her personal goal of becoming the deadliest assassin. Meanwhile, Elli recruited Salisisaris and Luna to steal a magic instrument called an Open Chime from a different dojo.

During the second week, Gor-sul reunited with the rest of the party very briefly. Bringing his two cousins with him, they landed in Mar. He conspired with Samantha to perform an assassination of Gor-sul’s cousin, Gary. After drugging Gary to incite a frenzy, Gor-sul clawed his rival to death and claimed self-defense for the action. The third Gargoyle, Dave, blamed the influence of the city for Gary’s madness and the violence which resulted. The two remaining Gargoyles flew away to return to their tribe.

By the end of the second week, the Paladins had accepted an assignment from Red Brown to journey to the farther western city of Tornharm. The goal of the quest was to obtain seeds of a food called muscle fruit for Red to bring with him during the evacuation. Unable to find the their Teel companion or identify which boat was his, they stole a random yatch from the harbor of Mar and recruited a local fisherman to skipper it for them.

Age: The Second Age
Month: Still
Week: Departure and Courtship
Day: Sabbath and Moonsday

During the month of Still in the third week, Courtship when the moons hang close to one another, the Paladins arrived at Tornharm. The city seems abandoned. An areal scouting revealed that much damage had occurred in the streets, but the city seemed remarkably free from looting.

They first visited the lighthouse to light the oil there and to procure the reknowned Shatterhorn mounted in that tower. While working, they were stalked and ambushed by a lone velociraptor. This was a very unexpected monster, but Siliarisis and Elli put up a valiant fight and managed to slay the monster. As the reptile collapsed dying, they heard other raptors roaring in response across the city. Silisaris flew the Shatterhorn back to the yacht and Elli retreated to the city walls to hide. Samantha found Elli there and carried her back to relative safety of the harbor while narrowly being missed by a pouncing second raptor.

The paladins decided to remain on the yacht through the night and explore Tornharm further the next day.

Shortly before dawn, the yacht was scuttled and sank in the harbor. Evacuating to the docks, they left the sailor there to piece together another boat from the damaged ships which were docked there. Elli and Salisarisis went to the market together in search of seeds and loot. Samantha and Luna went to the city’s well known library in order to salvage whatever magickal knowledge could be preserved.

The Paladins in the marketplace avoided another ambush by a pack of raptors and a mysterious figure who might have been working with the raptors. Only Elli caught sight of the figure before he vanished again — tall, muscular, and with four arms. Based on her description, Salisarisis identified the stalking figure as an Azarr, a race of mutant giants who are known to live in the jungle trees of the Great Rift.

The Paladins in the library decided to spend as much time as they could, all day in fact, combing through the library’s archives. They managed to salvage several valuable books and an entire chest full of muscle fruit seeds. The Paladins only stopped when they realized that they were being hunted by a pack of raptors deep inside the library. Luna used a spell that she had learned from Salisarisis — Suggestion — to divert the alpha of the raptor pack away from them. The tactic worked just long enough for the Paladins to get outside.

The two groups reunited and saw that they were being surrounded by raptors. The paladins fought bravely in a savage fight. Elli, the tiny thief, put her freshly pilfered Gauntlets of Giant Strength to good use. The paladins won a decisive victory.

Out of game: That last fight was shorted to a single dice roll from each player because it was time for the session to end.

The paladins claimed their new boat and sailed out of the harbor of Tornharm as the sun set and the light in the light house winked out.


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