Senzar: Remnant

7th Session

Wyvern Bait, Part 1

This was a very short session roleplayed as filler after our other gamemaster ended his Dungeons and Dragons game session early.

Paladin Gor-sul returned to his clan. With his surviving cousin, Dave, at his side, he spotted his clan on the banks of the Dragon Peninsula and within the foothills of the Krystallmyst Mountains. He was surprised to see a bon fire, overland wagons, and a collection of Gargoyle-sized log cabins for his relatives.

Conversations commenced with NPCs. First, Gor-sul reported to his elder, Nana-Sul, that his cousin, Gary, had been killed. Then Gor-sul met the Archimage of Krystallmyst and recognized him as Sigil Talisman, the Starin wizard who he had met at the keep (in Session 1). Sigil explained that he had provided all the tribe would need for the journey including the cabins, but that he would no longer be able to help them after that night. Sigil also warned Gor-sul about a wyvern which was hunting in path that the Gargoyles intended to take around the mountains. Lastly, the archimage warned Gor-sul that he did not approve of the practice of soul thievery. Gor-sul responded respectfully.

Tasked with removing the dangerous pest before the clan could proceed, Gor-sul selected his cousin and his mentor to accompany him into the pass in search of the wyvern before it attracts more of its loathsome species.


ScottGastineau ScottGastineau

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