Senzar: Remnant

6th Session

A Three Hour Tour, A Three Hour Tour

Age: The Second Age
Month: Still
Week: Communion
Day: Starsday (last day of the month)

This session’s theme music is Inn of the Weeping Sparrow by Midnight Syndicate

In the city-state of Mar the paladins Thael-has and Garanthandros had remained to study and practice their art of Necromacy. For Garanthadros, the T’eel Ranger, this meant overcoming a bought of depression and paranoia which resulted when he realized that he had reached second level. Thael-has had to drag him out of his house and sit him in front of their new teacher. Whereas Garanthadros studied Necromacy spells exclusively, Thael-has split his time between learning Necromancy in practice (2nd Order Spells) and theory (gaining the Inventor special power) with practicing Mysticm with the city’s many Mystic Warriors (2nd Order Mysticsm Spells).

Their studies were interrupted by a visit from Garanthadros’ contact in the city and an old family friend, Baron Black. The Human came to them because the other paladins had been identified as the thieves who stole the baron’s yacht. Garanthadros pledged to return the boat to the baron. The paladins already knew that Samantha, Elli, Luna, and Silisarris had been sent on a quest to the city-state of Tornharm, but they were a week late in returning. The Ranger packed his own yacht in preparation for retracing their steps, but it was decided that perhaps their new teacher could help. Indeed, the teacher was able to locate the missing Paladins and indicated that they were in the Sea of Stars, hundreds of miles off course and near the legendary island of Nazar Eth. The teacher opened a Stargate to that location and sent them through.

Days earlier, the missing paladins were sailing back to Mar when they were struck by a freak weather phenomenon called a Wild Wind. The storm blew them far to the north and wrecked their boat on a desolate island of rocks and bird nests. Samantha was missing, but the Elli the Rogue, Luna the Astromancer, and Silisarris the Spell Singer were safely on the island with the sailor. Their boat, salvaged from Tornharm, was demolished.

With some misadventure, the paladins reunited: Garanthadros, Thael-has, and Siliarris. Elli and Luna had given into their wanderlust and were exploring the island. While raiding a bird’s nest, they met a refugee from another ship wreck. Closer investigation revealed that a longship of the Raiders had also been shipwrecked. Elli freed a trio of prisoners and escorted them to the wreck of the Tornharm ship.

The reunion of the five paladins was cut short by a scream. Salisarris tracked the noise to a blood stained rock on the other side of the island. He returned to report and then excused himself so he could fly into a low hanging cloud and do profane things with one of the freed slave girls.

Elli lead the others to the longship. They found little loot there other than some semi-precious stones and a single pearl. They did, however, find the body of a single Jotan giant, frozen solid on the deck. While they were searching the longship, Salisarris was interrupted by a large dragon which flew past him and pushed him out of a cloud. Salisarris reported what he had seen, and Elli identified the creature as an Ice Dragon.

{Creator’s note: The Ice Dragon was a randomly rolled encounter. Since the paladins would have stood little chance fighting it and seeing as how the dragon would have little interest in fighting them, I called for a different roll.}

Salisarris decided to try flying to the island of Nazar Eth on the horizon. Nazar Eth is a large island state created for the immortal race which came to be known as Nazar Ethans. The island is cut off from the rest of the world because the Nazar Ethans were decided to be too perfect by the divine god Cthon, and now the island is locked within a wall of fire. The only known way to bypass the wall is traveling underneath the surface through the Midnight Realm.

While Salisarris was gone, the other four paladins investigated the sound of another scream. They found the bloody arm of another slave girl on the western beach. While discussing what to do next, they were attacked by three feral trolls. The trolls emerged from hidden cave entrances (holes really) underneath boulders. The trolls lacked the stealth for a successful ambush, but their ferocity and long legs allowed them to close on their targets quickly nonetheless.

A hard fight ensued which exhausted the paladins of nearly all of their power points and a few of their fate points. Elli’s Luckster abilities proved true, allowing her to avoid many slashing attacks without a scratch. Garanthadros and Thael’has put their new knowledge of necromacy to good use by summon Infernal Armors which blunted the claws of the trolls greatly, but Thael’has still suffered a tremendous pummeling. Thael’has used his Mysticism to drive one of the trolls away and keep it pushed back for a time while Luna, Elli, and Garanthadros hammered the other two. When Luna’s energy was entirely exhausted, she used her magic carpet to retreat to a safer distance straight up. Thael’has also made a strategic retreat late in the battle by plane-stepping into the Shadow Sphere. Elli brought down a troll with her Gaunlets of Might, striking so hard as to chip and warp her bronze short sword. Garanthadros killed a second troll with his trident. The last remaining troll escaped into its hole, a short sword buried into its back.

After the fight, Garanthadros took decisive actions. Understanding from his nature lore that these monsters could possibly regenerate, he chopped up the bodies and tossed the parts into the sea for sharks to devour. While doing this, both Thael’has and Salisarris returned. The Spell Singer reported that he had discovered a way into Nazar Eth. Some debate occurred about whether or not to go there, but Garanthadros demanded an immediate return to Mar.

The paladins rigged up a transportation mechanism. A fishing net was suspended from underneath Luna’s flying carpet. With the aid of a Navigation spell cast by Luna, the paladins were able to plot a course back to the city of Mar, as the gull flies.

Important NPCs:
Baron Black
the sailor with the hooked hand


Fate Points Earned during 6th Session
Luna: 3
Thael’has: 2
Garanthadros: 4

6th Session
ScottGastineau ScottGastineau

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