Senzar: Remnant

1st Session

Truely, the gods have forsaken us.

Age: The Second Age
Month: Harvestfest
Week: Departure
Day: Sabbath

Shadows fall over the Dragon’s Peninsula. Raiders tear asunder sailing ships and loot villages on the northern coast. Fanatical elves with strange magicks and powerful warships invade from the east. From the continent to the west, waves of barbarians on monster mounts crush hundreds of small kingdoms under their feet. Strange and dangerous weather events seem to occur more frequently and with increasing severity. Although the end of civilization draws near, Lady Teapot has a plan.

Called to the lady’s Keep in the Plains of Lotarr, seven talented individuals are warned of the looming threats on three fronts. These agents are inexperienced but uniquely talented. They are also informed that the Overlord of Zengara intends to evacuate his entire city-state along with all other survivors in one year’s time. The archmage of the Krystallmyst Mountains offers his support but warns that he will not become directly involved as other responsibilities require his involvement. The big question is not how to fight the invaders but who and what deserves preservation.

This is where the seven adventurers are needed. Each is knighted and given the title of Paladin of Tarot by her majesty, Lady Teapot. Each paladin is granted the authority of choosing what he or she deems important. They must, working separately or together, acquire these items (or people), protect them, and bring them to Zengara.

Two paladins immediately decided to fly to their own homes and fetch their families. Samantha is a high-flying Dracan, trained as an assassin and gifted with the talent of shapeshifting. She seeks out her family in the Krystalmist Mountains (also known as the Dragon’s Spine). The towering Gor-sul is a Gargoyle sell-sword with an fearsome power to feed on the souls of the enemies he kills. He seeks to relocate his entire home village from the island-state of Thrax. Both fly over the Krystallmyst Mountains and witness tremendous avalanches in the valleys beneath them.

Meanwhile, the other five paladins decide to travel overland together. They set out westward across the Plains of Lotarr on horses and in a carriage. Their destination is the city of Mar, a trading port ruled by a cabal of merchant-kings. This is also the location of the ranger’s docked sailing yacht. Within hours of road travel, their journey is interrupted by a minor earthquake which spooks their horses but creates no significant damage.

NPCs introduced
Lady Teapot, a minor feudal monarch who calls her territory Tarot
Girl, a lady-in-waiting who never speaks
Sigil Talisman, legendary archimage of Krystalmist
Nolak the Blind, overlord of the city-state of Zengara
Father Hardstone, dwarven priest of the Grim Grey Gods


ScottGastineau ScottGastineau

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